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Deluxe Distribution, APAC (Sydney, Australia)

Deluxe Distribution, APAC

Creative to deliver worldwide, Deluxe is the global partner to leading content creators and distributors. Through smarter work streams, the best talent and scaled technology across the world, Deluxe enables creative visions to come to life and ensures they get to everyone who wants to see them.

Q3-2018 Redelivery Rate: 0.00%
Project Management Language(s) spoken: Chinese Mandarin English Malay Russian
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Regions: Asia Pacific
Sales Contact:

Teresa Hobbs 
Head of Client Services, APAC
+61 4 99020906

Prime Focus Technologies India (Mumbai, India)

Prime Focus Technologies India

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) is the creator of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, CLEAR™ for the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry. It offers broadcasters, studios, brands and service providers transformational solutions that help them lower their Total Cost of Operations (TCOP) by virtualizing business processes around content and managing their business of content better.

As a cloud solutions provider with a global delivery model and world’s largest digital media services cloud infrastructure at its disposal, PFT also delivers a range of technical, creative and new media services on cloud with defined SLAs. These include Localization (Subtitling, Dubbing, Access Services - Closed Captioning, Subtitles for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Audio Description and Text to Text Localization), Digital Packaging & Delivery, Remastering and Metadata services among others. The company’s best-of-breed talent pool, spread across the globe with an average experience of 20 years in the media industry, is key to exceptional client service.

PFT is the technology subsidiary of Prime Focus, the global leader in M&E industry services.

Q3-2018 Redelivery Rate: 0.00%
Project Management Language(s) spoken: English Hindi Marathi
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Regions: Asia Pacific
Sales Contact:

Prashant Shah
Senior Vice President
+ 91 953 8056655

Radhika Chinai
Vice President
+ 91 773 8075726



Since 1992, PONYCANYON ENTERPRISE INC. has been a leading provider of a broad range of post-production services catering to the various needs of the domestic visual entertainment industry.

Our services include video editing, encoding, transcoding, OA mastering, DVD/Blu-ray authoring, artwork design, media asset management, subtitling, dubbing, and voice-over with focus on precision and efficient delivery.

Recognized particularly for our outstanding expertise and extensive experience in subtitle translation and dubbing into and/or from Japanese for films, TV series, and animation, we offer professional localization services tailored to the needs of a diverse range of clients, including major studios, broadcasters, and VOD service distributors.

Q3-2018 Redelivery Rate: 0.53%
Project Management Language(s) spoken: English Japanese
Vendor Tags: SubtitleSubtitlingJapanese
Regions: Asia Pacific
Sales Contact:

Nicole Wilkinson
International Sales
Subtitling Department Open Captions Group Supervisor
+81 80 36996425

IYUNO Media Group (Seoul, Korea)

IYUNO Media Group

IYUNO services high-profile broadcasters and media companies worldwide with 14 well-established international locations and unparalleled expertise. IYUNO is committed to engineering technological QC solutions that redefine the subtitling and dubbing industry's highest standards. Groundbreaking cloud-based innovations such as iMediaTrans are capable of 2-hour subtitle turnarounds after a program's initial broadcast. 

IYUNO offers comprehensive end-to-end service packages which include media digitization, frame rate conversion, compliance editing, creative services, subtitling, dubbing, mastering, transcoding and international high-res file deliveries.

IYUNO currently produces over 8,000 hours of subtitling, captioning and dubbing services monthly of which 700 hours are express subtitling services.

Q3-2018 Redelivery Rate: 0.63%
Project Management Language(s) spoken: Arabic Bengali Chinese Cantonese Chinese Mandarin English French German Greek Hebrew Hindi Indonesian Italian Japanese Kannada Korean Malay Malayalam Marathi Polish Portuguese (Brazilian) Portuguese (European) Punjabi Spanish (Castilian) Spanish (Neutral) Tagalog Tamil Telugu Thai Turkish Vietnamese
Vendor Tags: SubtitlingCC
Sales Contact:

Stella Yoo
Chief Operating Officer, APAC & EMEA
Korea: +82 10 72282681
U.S.A.: +1 818 7479100

Lyla Kim
Chief Operating Officer, Americas
+1 818 2109222

Sony PCL (Tokyo, Japan)

Sony PCL

Sony PCL, as a member of Sony Group companies, has been providing a total audio and visual solution service since 1951. Based on more than 60 years of our technical servicing experiences and expertise, our skilled staff perform their professional services to customers.

In terms of encoding service area, we are specialized in various encoding services including 4K/HDR, post-production services, video packaging media services (encoding, authoring, menu design, etc), and B-to-B promotional event planning and producing services are also our long-time expertise. Sony PCL provides a wide range of high quality technical service not only for TV broadcasting, OTT distribution, and video packaging distribution, but also for special event contents production and large screen display contents production.

Q3-2018 Redelivery Rate: 0.87%
Project Management Language(s) spoken: English Japanese
Regions: Asia Pacific
Sales Contact:

Tadashi Nakamura
Contents Service Sales Department
+81 3 34929740

Vista India (Mumbai, India)

Vista India

Vista India, a professionally managed company with offices in the US and India offers high caliber and secure localization, post production and digital distribution services for the global entertainment industry. Our team of highly skilled, trained and experienced technicians and artists have delivered over 500,000 minutes of Film and TV content for digital consumption. Our core media services include ingestion, QC, origination and conformance of ancillary assets (i.e. cc, timed text, forced narratives, metadata and art), packaging and delivery. We provide specialized services to global OTT platforms, studios, broadcasters and independent filmmakers, both in India and overseas. The company’s state of the art post production facility is located in Mumbai, India. 

We also offer end-to-end localization services in major Indian regional languages. Our subtitle team has expertise and skill sets in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi languages and more.

Q3-2018 Redelivery Rate: 1.10%
Project Management Language(s) spoken: Bengali English Gujarati Hindi Kannada Malayalam Marathi Punjabi Tamil Telugu Urdu
Regions: Asia Pacific
Sales Contact:

Rajiv Raghunathan
Chief Executive Officer
+91 986 7350380

Mohan Naidu
Vice President of Operations
+91 981 9122334

Silver Trak Digital (Sydney, Australia)

Silver Trak Digital

Silver Trak Digital offers digital supply solutions across all media types and platforms, gained from over 30 years of experience. Silver Trak Digital is a market influencer and key supplier for the digital media, broadcast, production and distribution industries in Australia and throughout Asia. Silver Trak Digital is able to QC, master and deliver content for distribution for all platforms and formats. Silver Trak Digital continues to work on the cutting edge of technology, with the ability to Master to 4K, HDR, IMF including captions, subtitles and any additional audio. 

As a Netflix approved facility, Silver Trak Digital ensures all divisions work to the highest standards, which also include DVD/BD/UHD-BD authoring, Digital Cinema mastering and broadcast services. 

Silver Trak Digital has developed an online MAM and delivery platform called Media Room; enabling it to receive content for Netflix processing from anywhere in the world, and deliver large files at high speed using the Aspera FASP protocol. Fast turnarounds and exceptional service makes Silver Trak an industry leader in the digital world.

Q3-2018 Redelivery Rate: 1.70%
Project Management Language(s) spoken: Arabic Chinese Cantonese Chinese Mandarin Danish English Hindi Italian Korean Portuguese (European) Spanish (Castilian) Spanish (Neutral)
Regions: Asia Pacific
Sales Contact:

James Dartnell
Digital Operations Manager
+61 2 90075600

Christian Christiansen
Chief Operating Officer
+61 2 90075600

Hiventy Asia (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

Hiventy Asia

Hiventy Asia is the Asian branch of the Hiventy Group, specialists in high-end technical solutions in the entertainment industry for more than 30 years, with its headquarters in France and covering all the range of technical services required to create, transform and deliver audiovisual contents: image and sound post-production, secure storage and media asset management, image and sound restoration, subtitling, dubbing and deliveries to cinemas, TV or digital platforms on any file format. With offices in Vietnam and Singapore, Hiventy Asia provides localization services: subtitling, dubbing, closed-captioning, voice-over and file deliveries to any platforms. Hiventy Asia covers all of the Asian languages and, relying on the other branches of the group, can address more than 50 target languages from all continents. Sharing the same tools and workflows as Hiventy Europe, Hiventy Asia provides services in the best security conditions. Because broadcasting modes are ever-evolving, Hiventy Asia relies on a strong European IT department offering technical solutions to any specific requests. Skilled technicians and up-to-date equipment are available to customers, guaranteeing top-quality services in the best possible timeframe. Hiventy Asia is now a preferred partner of a large number of producers, distributors, broadcasters and media companies from Asia, US, Europe and Africa.  

Q3-2018 Redelivery Rate: 3.29%
Project Management Language(s) spoken: Chinese Cantonese Chinese Mandarin English French Vietnamese
Regions: Asia Pacific
Sales Contact:

Juliette Vivier
Executive Vice President
+84 1217670886

Thiemminh Truong
Chief Operating Officer
+84 969551888