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When FotoKem first opened its doors in 1963, it was a small film lab on Cahuenga Boulevard, just a few blocks from legendary studios like Universal and Warner Bros. Just two decades later, when video came of age in the 1980's, FotoKem had become a unique brand in video post-production and mastering, and found itself on the forefront of the digital revolution that would hit just a decade later. Since then, FotoKem has been a place to call home for auteur directors, visionary studios, cinematographers, craftsmen, experimentalists, and nearly every type of filmmaker in between. Over 50 years of collaboration with some of the film industry's boldest and most brilliant artists has made us more than just a campus of world-class post facilities for filmmaking – it's helped us become a de facto creative hub for filmmakers and a crossroads for almost anybody that has grown up in the motion picture industry. When working with filmmakers, bridging the gap between technology and creativity is what we do best. Digital intermediates, dailies, color, audio, visual effects, restoration of beloved classics – the FotoKem team has reinvented these workflows through the years, but what's always made us unique is that we approach each of them, always, through the lens, mind, and heart of the filmmaker.

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