IYUNO Media Group

Countries: China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam

IYUNO services high-profile broadcasters and media companies worldwide with 14 well-established international locations and unparalleled expertise. IYUNO is committed to engineering technological QC solutions that redefine the subtitling and dubbing industry's highest standards. Groundbreaking cloud-based innovations such as iMediaTrans are capable of 2-hour subtitle turnarounds after a program's initial broadcast. 

IYUNO offers comprehensive end-to-end service packages which include media digitization, frame rate conversion, compliance editing, creative services, subtitling, dubbing, mastering, transcoding and international high-res file deliveries.

IYUNO currently produces over 8,000 hours of subtitling, captioning and dubbing services monthly of which 700 hours are express subtitling services.

Q4-2019 Redelivery Rate: 1.56%
Project Management Language(s) spoken: Arabic Bengali Chinese Cantonese Chinese Mandarin English French Hebrew Hindi Indonesian Japanese Kannada Korean Malay Malayalam Marathi Polish Punjabi Spanish (Castilian) Spanish (Neutral) Tagalog Tamil Telugu Thai Turkish Vietnamese
Vendor Tags: SubtitlingCC
Sales Contact:

China Contact:
Shawna Kan
Operations Manager
+886 9 70436033

Indonesia Contact:
Andy Ferdian
Managing Director
+62 878 70425551

Malaysia Contact:
Joan Kan
Global Director
+60 12 381 0301

Mexico Contact:
Lyla Kim
Global Director
+1 818 334 0114

Philippines Contact:
Joshua Callueng
Managing Director
+632 917 849 5503

South Korea Contact:
Betty Cho
Managing Director 
+82 10 9244 4296

Thailand Contact:
Wake Sakulrat
Managing Director
+66 83 979 7961

Vietnam Contact:
Dorothy Vo
Operations Manager
+84 988 940 079