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Countries: Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

With a head office in the heart of the Netherlands (Utrecht) and local representation in Barcelona, London, Cologne, Stockholm and Brussels, ODMedia is a leading provider of digital media services. Since 2004, we provide a one-stop solution which makes sure your content is in the right format, in the right place, at the right time. We deliver content to over a 1000 operators around the world. Our services include encoding, timed text creation, metadata, artwork creation and editing, IMF mastering, digital package creation and delivery. 

Besides digital delivery services, ODMedia is active in the world of aggregation through DoCo Digital and anti-piracy through Expoza.

Q4-2019 Redelivery Rate: 0.25%
Project Management Language(s) spoken: Catalan Dutch English Flemish German Polish Spanish (Castilian) Spanish (Neutral) Swedish Turkish
Vendor Tags: OD Media
Sales Contact:

Poland Contact:
Lukasz Brzezinski
Country Manager
+48 600 201 594

All Other Territory Contact:
Sjef Pijnenburg
Chief Executive Officer
+31 30 2800063

Hiventy EMEA

Hiventy EMEA

Countries: France, Kenya, Nigeria, Poland

Hiventy EMEA is a branch of Hiventy Group, specialist in high-end technical solutions to the entertainment industry for more than 30 years. The group covers all the range of services required to create, conform and deliver audiovisual contents: image and sound post-production, secure storage and media asset management, image and sound restoration, subtitling, dubbing, deliveries to cinemas, TV or digital platforms on any file format. The whole range of services being provided in the best security conditions.  Paris based, with branches in Eastern Europe (Warsaw) and Africa (Nairobi), Hiventy EMEA can handle origination or conformance works into all requested languages. Relying on skilled technicians, up to date equipments and a strong IT department offering technical solutions to any specific requests, Hiventy EMEA guarantees top-quality services in the best possible timeframe.  Hiventy Group is now a preferred partner of a large number of producers, distributors, broadcasters and media companies worldwide.

Q4-2019 Redelivery Rate: 0.82%
Project Management Language(s) spoken: English French German Hausa Igbo Pidgin Polish Romanian Russian Spanish (Castilian) Spanish (Neutral) Swahili Yoruba
Vendor Tags: SubtitleSubtitling
Sales Contact:

France Contact:
Bertrand Chalon
Executive Vice President
+33 625371362

Poland Contact:
Edyta Loster
+48 665125211

Kenya Contact:
Juliette Vivier
Head Africa & Asia
+254 777 826 201

ZOO Digital

ZOO Digital

Countries: Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States

ZOO Digital enables major Hollywood studios, global broadcasters and independent distributors to reach audiences worldwide.  Highly efficient, scalable and ultra-secure, ZOO offers cloud-based localization and digital distribution. The company combines an innovative, technology-powered approach with a track record in the global media and entertainment industry since 2001.

A complete end-to-end service, in all languages and for all platforms includes digital distribution, subtitling & captioning, metadata creation & localization, dubbing, artwork localization, workflow management, asset management.

ZOO has a network of freelance translators and dubbing talent around the world connected seamlessly in the cloud to its operations as well as facilities in the entertainment hubs of Los Angeles, London and Dubai and a development and production centre in Sheffield, UK.

Q4-2019 Redelivery Rate: 3.34%
Project Management Language(s) spoken: Arabic Bengali Bulgarian Chinese Cantonese Chinese Mandarin English French German Hindi Italian Japanese Kannada Korean Marathi Norwegian Portuguese (Brazilian) Punjabi Romanian Russian Spanish (Castilian) Spanish (Neutral) Swedish Tamil Telugu Thai Turkish Urdu
Vendor Tags: Subtitlingtranslation
Sales Contact:

United States Contact: 
Duncan Wain
Chief Operating Officer
+1 310 2203910

Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom Contact: 
Syed Ahmed
International Business Development
+1 310 2203939

Pixelogic EMEA

Pixelogic EMEA

Countries: Egypt, Germany, South Africa, United Kingdom

Pixelogic is a global provider of content localization and distribution services for the media and entertainment industry. Services include subtitling and closed captioning, foreign language dubbing, access services, text and metadata translation, audio services, marketing and promotional material design and versioning, digital cinema mastering and key fulfillment, post-theatrical distribution mastering, compression and authoring for physical media formats, transcoding and packaging for digital distribution products, archive mastering, and custom software and application development services.

Q4-2019 Redelivery Rate: 3.37%
Project Management Language(s) spoken: Arabic English French German Greek Turkish
Sales Contact:

Germany and United Kingdom Contact:
Steve Warren
Director of Sales
+44 7887792193

Egypt and South Africa Contact:
Ahmed AlKhateeb
Project Manager
+20 1274755296