Nordisk Undertext

You could say that Nordisk Undertext is in the translation business, but that’s really only a part of what we do. Nordisk Undertext is a complete media services company, with its roots in the subtitling industry. 

Subtitling is our bread and butter, and the foundation and propeller of everything we do. We have subtitled millions of minutes in languages from every continent since we opened shop in 2002. We have had the privilege of working with many of the most exciting studios and innovative filmmakers in the world.
We leverage our revolutionary cloud platform to deliver world-class subtitling in 80+ languages.

Q2-2019 Redelivery Rate: N/A
Project Management Language(s) spoken: Croatian Danish English French German Italian Norwegian Serbian Spanish (Castilian) Spanish (Neutral) Swedish
Regions: Europe
Sales Contact:

Åsa Zimmerman
Chief Operating Officer
+46 703 390193

Johan Robertsson
Head of Studios
+46 703 390283