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International Digital Centre, Inc. (IDC) (New York City, U.S.A.)

International Digital Centre, Inc. (IDC)

International Digital Centre (IDC) is the world’s premier provider of post production and content delivery. IDC’s vast offerings include: Audio Description, Audio Dubs, Timed Text, Audio Mixing, QC, Dolby Vision HDR, 4K, UHD, IMF, Media Processing, DCP and Color Correction. Our corporate culture encourages ongoing professional development and personal growth amongst our employees. This framework fosters an environment for our global team of accomplished professionals to provide our customers with the highest levels of personal service and attention to detail.

Q3-2018 Redelivery Rate: 0.00%
Project Management Language(s) spoken: English German Italian Spanish (Neutral)
Regions: U.S. + Canada
Sales Contact:

Sarah Corona
Sales/Project Manager
+1 917 3019344

Andrew Segal
Vice President, Media Technologies & Business Development
+1 212 5813940

IYUNO Media Group (Seoul, Korea)

IYUNO Media Group

IYUNO services high-profile broadcasters and media companies worldwide with 14 well-established international locations and unparalleled expertise. IYUNO is committed to engineering technological QC solutions that redefine the subtitling and dubbing industry's highest standards. Groundbreaking cloud-based innovations such as iMediaTrans are capable of 2-hour subtitle turnarounds after a program's initial broadcast. 

IYUNO offers comprehensive end-to-end service packages which include media digitization, frame rate conversion, compliance editing, creative services, subtitling, dubbing, mastering, transcoding and international high-res file deliveries.

IYUNO currently produces over 8,000 hours of subtitling, captioning and dubbing services monthly of which 700 hours are express subtitling services.

Q3-2018 Redelivery Rate: 0.63%
Project Management Language(s) spoken: Arabic Bengali Chinese Cantonese Chinese Mandarin English French German Greek Hebrew Hindi Indonesian Italian Japanese Kannada Korean Malay Malayalam Marathi Polish Portuguese (Brazilian) Portuguese (European) Punjabi Spanish (Castilian) Spanish (Neutral) Tagalog Tamil Telugu Thai Turkish Vietnamese
Vendor Tags: SubtitlingCC
Sales Contact:

Stella Yoo
Chief Operating Officer, APAC & EMEA
Korea: +82 10 72282681
U.S.A.: +1 818 7479100

Lyla Kim
Chief Operating Officer, Americas
+1 818 2109222

FOTOKEM (Burbank, U.S.A.)


When FotoKem first opened its doors in 1963, it was a small film lab on Cahuenga Boulevard, just a few blocks from legendary studios like Universal and Warner Bros. Just two decades later, when video came of age in the 1980's, FotoKem had become a unique brand in video post-production and mastering, and found itself on the forefront of the digital revolution that would hit just a decade later. Since then, FotoKem has been a place to call home for auteur directors, visionary studios, cinematographers, craftsmen, experimentalists, and nearly every type of filmmaker in between. Over 50 years of collaboration with some of the film industry's boldest and most brilliant artists has made us more than just a campus of world-class post facilities for filmmaking – it's helped us become a de facto creative hub for filmmakers and a crossroads for almost anybody that has grown up in the motion picture industry. When working with filmmakers, bridging the gap between technology and creativity is what we do best. Digital intermediates, dailies, color, audio, visual effects, restoration of beloved classics – the FotoKem team has reinvented these workflows through the years, but what's always made us unique is that we approach each of them, always, through the lens, mind, and heart of the filmmaker.

Q3-2018 Redelivery Rate: 1.46%
Project Management Language(s) spoken: English French Italian Japanese Portuguese (Brazilian) Spanish (Neutral) Swedish
Regions: U.S. + Canada
Sales Contact:

Rosanna Marino
Senior Vice President of Sales
+1 818 8463101 ext. 596

Kent Miller
Account Lead
+1 818 8463101 ext.270

ZOO Digital (El Segundo, U.S.A.)

ZOO Digital

ZOO Digital is a leading provider of localization and digital distribution services for the global entertainment industry. Using its revolutionary ZOOcloud platform, ZOO ensures that premium TV and movie content is seen and heard around the world faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. ZOO operates from the entertainment hubs of London and Los Angeles. It provides services for Hollywood studios, global broadcasters and independent distributors. ZOO offers an end-to-end service in all languages including digital distribution, subtitling & captioning, metadata creation & localization, dubbing, artwork localization, workflow management, asset management and e-screeners.

Q3-2018 Redelivery Rate: 1.80%
Project Management Language(s) spoken: Arabic Bengali Bulgarian Chinese Cantonese Chinese Mandarin English French German Hindi Italian Japanese Kannada Korean Marathi Norwegian Portuguese (Brazilian) Punjabi Romanian Russian Spanish (Castilian) Spanish (Neutral) Swedish Tamil Telugu Thai Turkish Urdu
Vendor Tags: Subtitlingtranslation
Regions: U.S. + Canada
Sales Contact:

Duncan Wain
Chief Operating Officer
+1 310 2203910

Gordon Doran
+1 925 6834440

Advanced Digital Services (Hollywood, U.S.A.)

Advanced Digital Services

ADS is a full-service post-production and distribution facility catering to major motion picture studios, television producers, and independent production companies and distributors. Conveniently located in Hollywood California, ADS' MPAA and studio security compliant facility support digital media services and file-based workflows for post-production and distribution of HD and 4K content. For over 20 years, ADS has been a valued business partner with content owners to master and distribute motion picture, television episodic, documentary, and advertising & publicity material with a commitment to service, quality and value. 

Along with digital media services including encode/transcode packaging and secure delivery, ADS also offers editorial, audio, restoration, 100% QC, and DCP services. With our talented and highly experienced staff, ADS is equipped to process and deliver large volumes of high-quality packages from our state of the art facility. Throughout the years, ADS has been a trusted business partner with our customers' processing and delivering their first run programming and library content, on time and on budget, with the highest quality these projects deserve.

Q3-2018 Redelivery Rate: 2.08%
Project Management Language(s) spoken: English Spanish (Neutral)
Vendor Tags: ADS
Regions: U.S. + Canada
Sales Contact:

Brad Weyl
President-Chief Operating Officer
+1 323 4682200

Greg Terry
Director of Operations
+1 323 4682200

Juice Worldwide (Toronto, Canada)

Juice Worldwide

Juice Worldwide is one of the top global providers of digital services and content licensing for platforms, major studios, networks and independents. Juice currently boasts over 700 endpoints for international delivery with a focus on complex, component based workflows at scale without sacrifice to quality or service. From core supply chain solutions including transparent media management, packaging and delivery to advanced media formats, white label storefront and app development, Juice provides innovation for a rapidly changing landscape. Our team, tools and software solutions have been built to meet the demanding needs and quick-turn requirements of the entertainment community across all market segments and media types. Founded in 2004, Juice has offices in Toronto and Los Angeles.

Q3-2018 Redelivery Rate: 2.32%
Project Management Language(s) spoken: English Spanish (Neutral)
Regions: U.S. + Canada
Sales Contact:

Andrew Buck
Chief Executive Officer
+1 416 5984353 ext. 222

James Finlay
Director of Sales and Distribution
+1 416 5984353 ext. 310

Visual Data Media Services (US) (Burbank, U.S.A.)

Visual Data Media Services (US)

Visual Data began working with Netflix’s preferred vendor programs in 2013 and its technical, professional and service standards are among the highest in the industry. 

 As a one-stop-shop for all mastering and servicing needs, Visual Data takes care of every aspect of the digital-media supply chain to ensure a smooth flow of content to the Netflix platform. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Visual Data’s offerings include encoding, QC, and editing for everything from HD to 4K to HDR, including IMF, as well as media-asset management and secure delivery. For worldwide releases, Visual Data offers a full suite of localization services, including multi-language subtitling and closed captioning. With a constant focus to make the customer experience exceptional, Visual Data makes every effort to ensure the process, from start to finish, is as smooth and simple for the content partner as possible. Visual Data aims to be not just a supply-chain partner, but a trusted ally who understands the dynamics of the international digital distribution business as well as it understands the technology that drives it.  

Q3-2018 Redelivery Rate: 2.69%
Project Management Language(s) spoken: English German Japanese Portuguese (Brazilian) Spanish (Neutral) Ukrainian
Vendor Tags: SubtitleSubtitlingVDMS
Regions: U.S. + Canada
Sales Contact:

Jill Petrizzi
Strategic Account Manager
+1 818 3339661

Kim Lawrence
Executive Vice President, Client Operations
+1 818 3339638

Deluxe Entertainment Services Group (Los Angeles, U.S.A.)

Deluxe Entertainment Services Group

Deluxe is the world’s leading video creation to distribution company offering global services and technologies powered by the talents of more than 7,500 of the industry’s premier artists, experts, engineers and innovators. Deluxe Distribution, offers scaled, end-to-end solutions for delivering content in any format to any window, screen or destination. With more experience and expertise than any other company on the globe, we are relied upon by the world’s leading content creators, aggregators and distributors for the transformation, localization and distribution of their content. From start to finish, in whatever format or language required, Deluxe provides complete solutions to a broad range of customers, ranging from major motion picture studios, television networks and cable companies, advertising agencies, brands, production companies, to independent distributors and content owners. Deluxe is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc.

Q3-2018 Redelivery Rate: 3.02%
Project Management Language(s) spoken: English French Italian Norwegian Spanish (Neutral)
Vendor Tags: SubtitleSubtitling
Regions: U.S. + Canada
Sales Contact:

Andy Manidis
Vice President, Client Solutions
+1 818 4278799

Daniela Bocchetti
Senior Director, Global Account Lead
+1 818 2135172