Silver Trak Digital

Countries: Australia, Malaysia

Silver Trak Digital offers digital supply solutions across all media types and platforms, gained from over 30 years of experience. Silver Trak Digital is a market influencer and key supplier for the digital media, broadcast, production and distribution industries in Australia and throughout Asia. Silver Trak Digital is able to QC, master and deliver content for distribution for all platforms and formats. Silver Trak Digital continues to work on the cutting edge of technology, with the ability to Master to 4K, HDR, IMF including captions, subtitles and any additional audio. 

As a Netflix approved facility, Silver Trak Digital ensures all divisions work to the highest standards, which also include DVD/BD/UHD-BD authoring, Digital Cinema mastering and broadcast services. 

Silver Trak Digital has developed an online MAM and delivery platform called Media Room; enabling it to receive content for Netflix processing from anywhere in the world, and deliver large files at high speed using the Aspera FASP protocol. Fast turnarounds and exceptional service makes Silver Trak an industry leader in the digital world.

Q2-2019 Redelivery Rate: 1.58%
Project Management Language(s) spoken: Arabic Bengali Chinese Cantonese Chinese Mandarin Danish Dutch English Filipino Greek Hindi Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Malay Malayalam Portuguese (European) Punjabi Spanish (Castilian) Spanish (Neutral) Tagalog Telugu Thai Urdu Vietnamese
Regions: Asia Pacific
Sales Contact:

James Dartnell
Digital Operations Manager
+61 2 90075600

Christian Christiansen
Chief Operating Officer
+61 2 90075600

Karlz Varma
Digital Operations Manager - Malaysia
+60 3 27790546